Is Your Relationship Not Working?

Dougie is the father of two children and was having real troubles in his relationship. He was sleeping in separate bedrooms and was on the brink of getting a divorce. He shares with you how he went from this, to a truly loving relationship.

Dougie Misipeka

Are You Looking For Meaning and Purpose?

Lance always knew that there was more to life than just going to work, coming home, going to sleep and going to work the next day. He tells us about his journey from the normal day to day grind, to true Meaning and Purpose in his life!

Lance Jenkins

Are You Struggling In Your Relationship?

Jo and Lance who have been together 17 years and have a beautiful 3 year old boy, talk intimately about what they thought a relationship was and how looking for something deeper than the "In-Love" feeling kept them together.

Jo and Lance Jenkins

Do You Want To Quit Your Job?

Dustin wanted more than anything else to be a successful entrepreneur. He was dedicated, motivated, inspired, committed to his goals, but yet there was still something missing... Dustin shares how in just two years he increases his income exponentially!

Dustin Williams (San Francisco, CA)

Do You Feel Like You've Lost Direction?

Angel is an amazing soul! She was in a relationship for most of her life, then after 37 years she suddenly found herself single. Now her new life is just beginning.

Angel Bradshaw

Do You Party Too Much?

Dan was young and really wanted to do more with his life, but wasn't sure where to start. His persistence paid off and he shares how he went from drinking and partying most of the time, to having a great relationship, living in the USA and increasing his income exponentially.

Dan Levy (Santa Clara, CA)

Are You Not Living Your True Purpose?

Adam Hansen didn't believe in himself and and let his fears stop him from playing life-changing music for people who were sad, upset and needed to know they weren't alone. He finds a way to appreciate himself, love himself and finally play his music in front of people.

Adam Hansen